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Monday, June 23, 2014

Mini Mission success (June 2nd)

My District (Daws Lake YSA and Champlain District)
This week we had the privilege of a young single adult from our Ward to come over and have a mini mission to experience missionary life for 24 hours. At the end of the mini mission, she told us that she is starting to consider going on a mission. When she was with us, it reminded me of when I would go out teaching with the sisters. The biggest thing that shocked her was how receptive people were to learning about the gospel. A lot of the people we spoke to gave us there information and asked us to come and visit them to share our message. God really does put those in our path who are ready for the gospel. All we need to do is overcome fear by opening our mouths.

On Saturday we had an interesting experience. We went to teach a less active member of the church, but to our surprise, we found two Jehovah witness men with him in his apartment. That day we had our mini missionary with us. They were speaking in Creole (the language of Haiti), but through the spirit we were able to understand what they were saying. They wanted to bible bash us, but we just bore our testimonies and encouraged them to pray to God and ask Him is what we said was true. The atmosphere was so tense. They want to meet with us again. We will see how the next visit goes.

This week the sisters from Gatineau told me that 3 people that I worked with are going to get baptized this month. We shall see if they make their scheduled date. I will keep you posted.

 Have a lovely week!
 Sister Gerday and I after we changed a flat tire

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