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Monday, June 23, 2014

Conversion is real (June 10th)

This week has probably been one of the longest weeks of my mission. We have been working with a new investigator called Cory. She is a woman who has had a tough life, but is ready for change. Earlier on last week, we had to move her out of her house because "bad people" were going to invade home her that night and beat her up again. We found her a safe place to live and brought her cat to a member’s home. On Saturday she was able to move back into her apartment. Whilst she was evacuated from her home, she gave us her house keys to destroy and throughout all the bad, and fill her apartment with uplifting church DVDs and pictures of the Savior. She was able to come to church on Sunday. She bore a powerful testimony of her conversion process and how much she has changed since receiving the missionary lessons. She told everyone that she knows the book of Mormon is the word of God and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. She also told everyone that she is excited to be baptized this summer (August 16th). It has been so exciting to see how amazing to see the power of the atonement in action. The gospel really does change lives! 

This weekend one of my investigators, Alfonso (60's) born in the Philippines, is getting baptized.  He is someone who has been meeting with missionaries since spring last year. When we started teaching him he was a scruffy dressed man with a scratchy beard and longish hair. We were not quite sure if he had a testimony of the Church or if he had desires to one day join our Church. All we knew was that he had never been to our Church before. As we fasted, prayed and taught to his needs, we started to see him becoming more converted to the gospel. We did not just see him change spiritually with his testimony flourishing; we saw an external change in him too. Each time we would see him he looked more and more put together. He actually showered before we taught him. He combed his hair. He shaved his beard. He got a haircut. He wore his Sunday best to our lessons. He was a new and improved person. It strengthened my testimony knowing that as we look at people as God does, by their divine potential, we will love them more and hope more for their salvation. Alfonso is really excited for his baptism this Saturday.

Recently I was told that my mission finished June 26th. I cannot believe that it is the end soon. Time surely does fly, especially when I am, having fun! These next two weeks are going to be hectic, but I am going to treat every day as if it is my last to make it rewarding as I get the most out of it.

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