Sister May is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Canada Montreal Mission

Monday, June 23, 2014


Pictures taken from the Royal Canadian Mint. This is one of the places where Canadian money is made. We were not allowed to take pictures inside of the building where the money is made, but we were allowed to take pictures on the grounds. 

Out eating lunch today

​We went out to eat Indian food. Look how huge this Naan is

A real Canadian Mountie

You learn the most interesting things on your mission...These two sisters look like the same person, but they are not =)

Sister Dick (my roommate who was serving in the Dows Lake YSA branch) and I 
(I taught her how to solve the Rubix Cube)

I taught my companion, Sister Gerday, how to solve the Rubix Cube

Last week in the mission field

This is my last email I will be sending you as a full time missionary. It is strange to think that my mission is almost over. In these past 18 months I have grown so much. I do not feel like the same person I was when I left. it is amazing how much serving a mission has changed me. I left home as a girl, and I am coming back as a woman. I am sad to be leaving, but I am excited to see family and friends again. I feel so fortunate to serve so close to home because it makes it a lot easier to meet up with my converts or to visit areas I served in. Serving a full time mission was definitely the best decision for my life. I have had the opportunity to see many miracles wrought by faith. 

On Friday, I had the opportunity to see one of the investigators I worked with when I was serving in Gatineau get baptized. His name is John Craig. When he left the water he was glowing with joy and happiness. He was found by a street contact. He had a few concerns about being a member of the church, but was able to overcome them through faith in Jesus Christ and the power of prayer. It was a happy reunion to see him again. I am glad he is doing well.

I am not quite sure what to expect in life as a Returned Missionary. I know that God will help me figure it out =)

Alfonso got baptized! (June 16th)

This week has been awesome. where to begin. First of all, Alfonso got baptized!!! After his baptism we asked him how he felt, he replied, "better". Then after he received the gift of the holy ghost we asked him how he felt, he replied, "I feel the holy spirit, sisters." He is so happy to be part of the church.

We had another miracle. a less active member who we have been working with for 3 weeks now came to church for the first time in over 20 years. He enjoyed church so much. His strong active mother has been praying for him for years. Her faith reminded me of the faith of Alma the Older and the members of the church, in the Book of  Mormon, when they prayed and fasted for Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah to change from their evil ways and repent. He has had such a significant growth. he is making changes to make sure he is keeping the commandments, he also has expressed to us that he wants to strengthen his testimony in certain aspects of the gospel.  

This week is my last full week as a missionary. I am going to make sure that this week counts!

Conversion is real (June 10th)

This week has probably been one of the longest weeks of my mission. We have been working with a new investigator called Cory. She is a woman who has had a tough life, but is ready for change. Earlier on last week, we had to move her out of her house because "bad people" were going to invade home her that night and beat her up again. We found her a safe place to live and brought her cat to a member’s home. On Saturday she was able to move back into her apartment. Whilst she was evacuated from her home, she gave us her house keys to destroy and throughout all the bad, and fill her apartment with uplifting church DVDs and pictures of the Savior. She was able to come to church on Sunday. She bore a powerful testimony of her conversion process and how much she has changed since receiving the missionary lessons. She told everyone that she knows the book of Mormon is the word of God and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. She also told everyone that she is excited to be baptized this summer (August 16th). It has been so exciting to see how amazing to see the power of the atonement in action. The gospel really does change lives! 

This weekend one of my investigators, Alfonso (60's) born in the Philippines, is getting baptized.  He is someone who has been meeting with missionaries since spring last year. When we started teaching him he was a scruffy dressed man with a scratchy beard and longish hair. We were not quite sure if he had a testimony of the Church or if he had desires to one day join our Church. All we knew was that he had never been to our Church before. As we fasted, prayed and taught to his needs, we started to see him becoming more converted to the gospel. We did not just see him change spiritually with his testimony flourishing; we saw an external change in him too. Each time we would see him he looked more and more put together. He actually showered before we taught him. He combed his hair. He shaved his beard. He got a haircut. He wore his Sunday best to our lessons. He was a new and improved person. It strengthened my testimony knowing that as we look at people as God does, by their divine potential, we will love them more and hope more for their salvation. Alfonso is really excited for his baptism this Saturday.

Recently I was told that my mission finished June 26th. I cannot believe that it is the end soon. Time surely does fly, especially when I am, having fun! These next two weeks are going to be hectic, but I am going to treat every day as if it is my last to make it rewarding as I get the most out of it.

Mini Mission success (June 2nd)

My District (Daws Lake YSA and Champlain District)
This week we had the privilege of a young single adult from our Ward to come over and have a mini mission to experience missionary life for 24 hours. At the end of the mini mission, she told us that she is starting to consider going on a mission. When she was with us, it reminded me of when I would go out teaching with the sisters. The biggest thing that shocked her was how receptive people were to learning about the gospel. A lot of the people we spoke to gave us there information and asked us to come and visit them to share our message. God really does put those in our path who are ready for the gospel. All we need to do is overcome fear by opening our mouths.

On Saturday we had an interesting experience. We went to teach a less active member of the church, but to our surprise, we found two Jehovah witness men with him in his apartment. That day we had our mini missionary with us. They were speaking in Creole (the language of Haiti), but through the spirit we were able to understand what they were saying. They wanted to bible bash us, but we just bore our testimonies and encouraged them to pray to God and ask Him is what we said was true. The atmosphere was so tense. They want to meet with us again. We will see how the next visit goes.

This week the sisters from Gatineau told me that 3 people that I worked with are going to get baptized this month. We shall see if they make their scheduled date. I will keep you posted.

 Have a lovely week!
 Sister Gerday and I after we changed a flat tire

Monday, June 16, 2014

Miracles all around (May 26th)

This week I had the opportunity to do companionship exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. I went back to Gatineau, my old area. It was great seeing the faces of individuals who I found and taught the gospel with. I was surprised to see how much people remembered me. It was such a happy reunion. It was great to see how well my recent convert Brother Tanguay is doing. He now has the Melchizedek Priesthood and is enrolled in the temple preparation class to work towards going to the temple near his year mark of his baptism. I heard that he taught a really good lesson during Sunday school about the atonement a few Sundays ago. He is even teaching the gospel with the missionaries with his friends.  When I saw him, I thought about how much the gospel changes lives. I am so grateful to be a missionary to have the privilege of being God's instrument to touch the lives of others by teaching them His gospel.

Sister May, Rosie (recent convert in Gatineau), Serge Tanguay (Recent Convert in Gatineau), Friend of Serge who is taking the missionary discussions. Picture takien in Serge's home.
Most times as a missionary, I feel like Nephi when God commanded him to go get the gold plates "led by the spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do" (1 Nephi 4:6). That happened yesterday evening. One of our lessons cancelled on us, so we had to make a few changes in our schedule which led us to have a time slot of time to pass by some less actives. Before we left our apartment, I felt inspired that I should bring my guitar with me. As we walked to one of the less actives homes a man approached us. He asked us why we were walking around with a guitar. We told him that we are going to visit some friends to sing to them. He then asked us if we would sing something to him. We sang him I am a child of God. We then started to talk to him about what we do as missionaries. He then started to tell us his life story. He told us that he has been in and out of prison and that he wants to turn his life around. He asked us if we could strengthen his faith by sharing with him the teachings of Jesus Christ. We will see him again on Wednesday. I wonder if he would have approached us if we did not have the guitar with us. 

I look forward to each day as I kneel down in humble prayer to God in faith for the welfare of those we teach. I know that God hears all our prayers. I have seen many miracles this week from prayer. An inactive member of the Church (has not be to church in over 20 years) sent us a text telling us that he thinks he is ready to be re-taught the missionary discussions. An investigator who has been investigating the Church now for 1 year wants to be baptized. An investigator family who I found while I was in Gatineau will be baptized in a couple of weeks. A Young Woman wants to go on a mini mission with us. It is such a blessing to see in action "that God is mindful of every people, whatsoever land they be in; yea he numbereth his people, and his bowls of mercy are over all the earth. Now this is my joy" (Alma 26:37). 

I hope that this week you take an extra look at the tender mercies of the Lord and the miracles, whether big or small which happen each day. 

Monday, May 19, 2014


Last Monday, we were able to go to the Tulip festival. It is a festival of tulips. Apparently it is really big. People travel from far to see tulips. 

Over the week a lot of small miracles happened: One of our less actives asked us to help him quit smoking, one of our investigators had a very positive experience at church and did not pray to Mary, One of our investigators told us he had a testimony of the Church, we were able to teach some inactive members of the Church and reminded them of positive experiences thy had in the past with the Church. 

Overall, it was such a great week full of opportunities to serve people and teach them the Gospel. I am so grateful that I am a missionary. It is such a blessing to see how the Gospel really can change lives

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Am I worth saving to you? (May 5th)

The miracle of the week must have been what happened last Tuesday. One of our Less Active members was not home for the appointment we had planned and confirmed with him, so we decided to do some pass bys on potential investigators. None of them were home. on our way back to our car a man called us from the other side of the road and shouted out to us, "am I worth saving to you?" we walked up to him and spoke to him about our beliefs as members of the Church, and we also spoke about the Book of Mormon. He seemed really interested and open to learn more about our Church. He even asked us if he can come to our Church. 2 hours after we met, he called us to ask us where he can find more information about our Church because he had a thrust for knowledge. Unfortunately, Russell’s life is a bit hectic with work right now, but he looks forward to meeting with us again to learn more.   

Another Miracle of the week was when we went to teach one of our investigators called Naomi. She is in her 20's and is originally from the Congo. It was a miracle how we found her. It all began when we went to see an investigator. We caught the investigator at a bad time because she was in the middle of getting her hair done. However, she still invited us into her home. We gave her a lesson about prayer. Little did we know the hairdresser, Naomi, was listening intensively. After the lesson Naomi asked us if we could visit her. This morning we were able to visit her. She is so awesome. She has a strong desire to increase her relationship with God. She is excited to come to our church this Sunday to see what it is all about. She is really open and looks forward to the next time we will teach her.

Have a great week full of miracles! 

Me &\Sister Gerday- My last companion in the mission field

Hello (Apr 28th)

Last week we went to see our favourite investigator family from Nepal. This time we brought a member with us from Sri Lanka. At the end of the lesson they fed us a ton of food. This time we ate slower, but that did not stop them from refilling our plates with food. When they came to refill the member’s plate with food, she shielded her plate with her hands and gave them a stern "no thank you!" This time the food was not as spicy, but it was as filling. We are going to see them again this week. We shall see what happens. 

On Saturday morning, Sister Gerday and I were in Tim Horton’s waiting to teach one of our investigators. As we were waiting patiently, we saw these two young Catholic Priests wearing their "black robes of the priesthood". I looked over to Sister Gerday and asked her if she has ever contacted Priests. She said that she hasn't. I told her that before they leave we will talk to them. That day in Tim Horton’s it was really crowded, but to our luck, they sat down in the seats next to us. Before we had the opportunity to talk to them, the older woman on their left started to talk to them. As they were about to leave, we finally had the opportunity to contact them. They were not interested, of course, because they were in school studying to be catholic Priests, but it was still a short but interesting conversation about religion.  

Our experience with the Catholic Priests reminded me of an experience I had in Trois Rivieres with Sister Stiles. We were walking down the street, and then all of a sudden we saw two Nuns.  I asked sister Stiles if she has ever met Nuns before. She said that she has not. I then said, me neither. We walked up to them and in French I said, "Hello sisters, we are sisters too!" We then went on by telling them that we were full time missionaries for 18 months and then a bit about our Church. It was a nice conversation with them.

The highlight of this week must have been our lesson which we had Sunday night. It was with an ex-member of the church. We taught her a lesson about the Book of Mormon. We asked her how she came to know the Book of Mormon was true, she then bore us her sincere conversion story. The spirit was so strong in the room when she testified of the truthiness of the restored Gospel and the Book of Mormon. She also bore her testimony about how much mercy and love God has for all of us, and because of that, he is always willing to forgive us from our sins because we are not perfect. As she was speaking, the spirit testified in my heart that the things she said was true, and strengthened my testimony too. I am so grateful to be a member of this Church. How blessed are we to have the fullness of the Gospel. Millions of people living on the Earth have had that same witness by the power of the Holy Ghost that the Church is true. 

This week I challenge you all to think and ponder on the blessings you have received through being a part of this Church.

Having fun at Parliament

Happy Easter (Apr 21)

Last Friday, our investigator Rosaire got baptized. She was so happy.

Baptism of Rosaire
Last week we taught the Darji family (our investigators from Nepal). We had a powerful lesson about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. While we were teaching us they cooked us a lovely meal. The meal took a while to cook, so sister Gerday and I were going to be late for our next lesson. We discussed amongst ourselves about how we were going to get out as soon as we could. We decided that we were going to eat fast and try get out within 10 minutes. We blessed the food with the family, and then we started to eat. Sister Gerday started to eat really fast with her fork. I had my fork in one hand and my spoon in the other hand to help me eat faster. Just as we got close to finishing, they kept putting more and more and more food on our plates. They must have refilled our plated 4 times. Each refill bigger than the last. They would not take no for an answer. When they saw us struggling to eat, they stopped refilling our plates. Never in my life have I been so full from 1 Dinner appointment. Later on in the evening we realized that we must have looked so hungry to them because we started to eat so fast at the beginning. No wonder they fed us so much. 

I hope you have a Happy Easter!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Miracles Everyday!

This week was a week full of miracles. Firstly, Rosaire (one of our investigators) passed her baptismal interview with President Patrick and will be getting baptized this Friday. She is awesome and is so prepared. She has been converted to our Church since December, but chose April 18th as her baptismal date because she wanted to get baptized on her birthday. She is really excited and happy to finally be a member of our Church. She was introduced to the Church by her sister who is now a returning member. 

Also, whilst we inside an apartment complex, a man contacted us because he saw us carrying our scriptures in our hands. He told us he wanted us to go to his home when we were in the area to talk about God with him. He gave us his information. Later on in the week, we passed by and his wife invited us into their home. We shared our message with the whole family (him, his wife, his parents and his sister). They are from Nepal and seem pretty interested. The only hard thing is the Language barrier (they speak Nepali). They invited us to come over for dinner this week and also for a spiritual message. 

This week we made a list of all the Less-Actives that live in our area, and started to contact them. We have had a lot of success as we have started to phone them and pass by them to meet them for the first time. Many are receptive, which is great for us. One of them came to church for the first time in three years. She even bore her testimony about the power of the atonement and enduring to the end. 

Whilst we were walking on the street, a woman asks us (without seeing our tags) if we were Mormon. We said with a surprised look on our faces "yes we are". She then said "me too". We asked her how she knew. She said that she could just feel it in our presence and see it by the smiles on our faces. This woman was a less active member from the west of Canada that moved into our area a few years ago. She told us that she had been praying to draw closer to God, so God put us in her path. She was really happy to see us. She seemed really interested to meet with us, so she gave us her information. God really does work in mysterious ways. We were in the right place at the right time. Before we met the woman on the street, we were stuck in a less-active member’s home (one that we met for the first time) for longer than we expected. Now we know that it was all God's doing so we could meet that woman on the street. 

We had a really good lesson with Barry, an investigator. He told us that he has a testimony of the Book of Mormon, and that he knows that Joseph Smith was called as a prophet to lead the final dispensation of the fullness of times. He knows that our Church is true. He is working towards a baptismal date towards the end of May, but he is scared of change because Catholicism runs in his family, and he does not want to be the one to break it. At the moment he is praying to know what to do. We will see what happens this week when we see him again. 

Also, we taught Alfonso, an investigator from the Philippines (he has been investigator the church now for 1 year). He has a testimony of the Book of Mormon; he knows Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. His problem was that he did not understand why he needed to be baptized again. We read 3 Nephi 27 with him and focused on baptism. The spirit was really there. We asked him about his baptism. He told us that he got baptized the Catholic way. We then spoke to him about the way Jesus was baptized. He told us that he wants to get baptized like Jesus was. We told him he can. He now is working towards a baptismal date towards the end of May. 

We passed by a potential investigator called Bettina. She is from Haiti. Her parents are members of the Church, but she isn't. When we passed by, she was in the middle of getting her hair done.  We had a great lesson with her and her friend Naomi about prayer. She beckoned us to come back to see her. Naomi even asked if we could come visit her too. 

Also, one of my investigators from Gatineau who has investigated the Church now for over 40 years has agreed to be baptized. She has had a testimony for decades now (she has been a full tithe payer and has gone to Church every Sunday), but has been scared to get baptized because she did not feel ready. She should be getting baptized 3 weeks from now. We will see. 

It is such an exciting time to be a missionary, especially here in the Champlain Ward in Ottawa. I feel so blessed to see miracles everyday. 

Hope you all have a great Week!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week One in Ottawa

Sister Rubio and I at transfers. Look who we saw.
This week has been such an amazing week.

The highlight of the week, of course, was General Conference. The talks were very inspired. a lot of talks were focused around the savior, families, and communication with others. I love General conference so much, and I appreciate it more since I am a missionary.

This week in Ottawa it was great. The Ward Council has asked us to work with Less actives because unfortunately, 80% of the members in my Ward are no longer active. Our mission here is to reactivate. This week a lot of less actives have really opened up to us because we taught them by their needs and asked them inspired questions.

My new companion, Sister Gerday, is amazing. I feel like it is going to be a great transfer together.

Sister Gerday and Sister May =) in Ottawa, the Champlain Ward
Love you all, and hope you have a great week!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ottawa here I come!

I have been transferred to downtown Ottawa. My new companion is Sister Gerday. I have no idea who she is; all I know is that our names rhyme. It is sad to leave sister Rubio. She is my longest companion (5 and a half months) and one of my closest ones too. She will be staying in Greenfield Park with Sister Landeen, a close friend of mine in the mission.

Last week there was a huge missionary correlation in the Greenfield Park Ward. the Stake president, Mission President, 2 representatives from the high council, the two teams of Zone leaders in the Stake, the sister Training leaders, the Ward mission leader and the two teams of full time missionaries assigned to the ward (us). We spoke about hastening the work of salvation. Then President Glowa asked sister Rubio and I what we were doing to be so successful in teaching so many lessons. After the correlation meeting, we all split up to visit different less-actives and recent converts. It was such a wonderful experience to see hastening the work of salvation put into practice. We had a ward missionary come with us to teach one of our less actives. They are now friends. The ward missionary wants to come with us again to help strengthen this less active. Someone from the high council and a missionary went to visit one of our less actives. After the visit, the less active wants to start putting God first and come back to church.

The General Women's meeting was amazing. the talks were so inspired. I felt the spirit throughout the whole meeting. I look forward to looking over my notes again and look forward to receive the ensign that contains the talks in it.

Hope you all have a great week!


Mission Conference (March 24th 2014)

This week I will focus on the inspired words of the general authorities who came to the mission conference. It was such a spiritually edifying experience. Before the meeting, we all had the opportunity shake their hands and introduce ourselves to them.

Bishop Gerald Causse of the presiding bishopric spoke to us in French. He asked all the missionaries to think about why we are here on a mission. He then said that we should be here because we know and understand the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ. As we understand the power of the atonement, our desire to share the gospel will increase.

Sister Causse also addressed us in French. She spoke about the importance of having a personal experience with the atonement and to let it build us up. 

Sister Hallstrom spoke about studying and pondering the words of the savior. She promised that as we do that, we will have a larger desire to grow and change. She also said to remember the ability of the atonement has on us to become like Him.

Elder Donald L. Hallstrom one of the presidents of the first quorum of the Seventy spoke about the importance of letting the things we learn on our missions continue to let us grow and become even better after our missions. He told us that the things we learn and the good habits we create on our missions will help us work towards our divine potential. He committed us to make today the turning point of our lives. The day that we choose to devote all our time and all our efforts devoted to the Lord.

Sister Andersen spoke about the difference that we make, as missionaries, in the lives of others. She said that no good, effort, or testimony shared is lost in the scheme of our eternal lives. Every effort counts in the sight of God.

Elder Homer the Area President said to let our testimony of the atonement strengthen you. He said that Jesus volunteered to give his life for you. He then said that the message that we, as missionaries of the Church, have to share is the most important and sacred message in the whole entire world.

Neil L. Andersen of the quorum of the 12 Apostles spoke about many things. One of the things he spoke about was that many large things swing on small decisions. The choices we make today effect tomorrow. He then spoke about how mission calls are made. He said that they pray on their knees about each person individually to know where God wants the missionary to be. He then spoke about the importance of not comparing ourselves to others, that we could only compare ourselves to ourselves and strive to be better each day. He then spoke about the atonement and said that the Book of Mormon focuses on the testimonies of the power of the atonement. 

Each talk was really inspired from on high, by our loving Heavenly Father.

What an amazing weekend!


Monday, March 10, 2014


The highlight of this week was that we had the privilege to go to the temple to do baptisms with one of my recent converts from Gatineau, Serge Tanguay. It was so great seeing him again. It was a happy reunion. While there, we did the work for his parents. The spirit was so strong. I feel so blessed to be part of this church because we have the priesthood. Through the priesthood, ordinances can be done through the veil and influence those who have already entered into the spirit world. 

On Saturday morning, Sister Rubio and I were invited to share a spiritual thought to the Young Women in the Greenfield Park Ward during their Book of Mormon Marathon. We did an activity of the Tree of Life. We created an obstacle course in the overflow of the chapel and they had to make their way to the tree of life.The trick was that they were blind folded and all they had to lead them to the tree was a thin cord, not much thicker than dental floss. They all enjoyed the activity so much. The fruit on the tree was lifesaver mints. The white represented purity and the shape of it represented eternal life. Although in life it is difficult at times, we may fall and tumble, sometimes we may even feel like we are blind folded and do not know where to go or what to do. We need to always remember that it is through applying the doctrine that Christ taught us in our lives that we all can have eternal life: "the greatest gift of all" (D&C 14:7).

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Be happy

This week we have been trying to get 100% of our lessons (with Less Active, Recent Convert and Investigators) with a member present in the lesson. This week we managed to have 88% with a member present in those lessons. We have seen such a huge difference as we have done so. Our less actives have been strengthened by the testimonies of the members. and those Less actives, Active members and Recent converts who come out with us to teach other Less Active, Recent Convert and Investigators, have been strengthened also as they testify of revealed truths.

Last week I received a text from the Gatineau sisters telling me that one of my recent converts (Serge Tanguay) is ready to go to the temple to do proxy baptisms. We will be going to the temple with him this Saturday. I am so excited!

This Sunday one of my Recent Converts (Sheila Bilog) gave the closing prayer during sacrament meeting. It was so beautiful. Never in my life have I heard such a pure prayer straight from the heart. It made us feel so proud to see how much she has flourished.

Last week we shared the story of Peter walking on water to a few of the people we teach. Something that I love and appreciate about the bible story is that although Peter was commanded by Jesus Christ to do the impossible task of walking on water, he obeyed Him and did it anyways. As he had his eyes focused on the Savior he was able to walk on top of the water. However, he began to get scared by the chaos of the fast winds and high waves around him. It was Satan of course, distracting Peter from his goal (the Savior). As he feared and Satan began to prevail, he started to sink. But, then he humbled himself and asked Jesus to help him. Instantly, Jesus stretched out his hand  to help him and walk him safely to the boat. once they arrived into the boat, the sea was calm. As we shared the story a lot of things came to my mind. Peter represents us as children of God. The  high waves and fast winds represent the trials we all face day by day. Sometimes when God commands us to do something and we try our best to obey, we may sink as trials come our way, but as we humble ourselves in prayer, he will not take the trials away, but he will hold our hands as we endure it and then once we are safe in the ship (which represents our heavenly home), we will be calm and feel peace. I feel so blessed to know that as we use the Atonement of Jesus Christ we may be saved as we continue to change day by day closer to God.  

Hello (Feb 24th)

Last week Sister Rubio and I went and did a session at the temple. It was so good. We stayed there from 9am till 2pm. When we were there we saw many familiar faces. I saw all of my old companions (the ones still on their missions). It was so good to see everyone again. It made me think of what heaven was going to be like.

We also built a huge snowman. It was the first time for both sister Rubio and I. As we were building it people were looking at us as if we were crazy. It was kind of funny because we put ourselves in their shoes. Imaging walking outside and you see two young ladies, in skirts, climbing over snow banks to gather snow that was not even fluffy snow anymore ( it was icy snow) in front of an apartment building at 8:30pm. What a sight that must have been! It was tiring, but so much fun.

Hopefully this coming week I will have more to write.

Baptism of Sheila and Damien (Feb 17th)

Last Saturday was the baptism of Sheila and Damien. It was such a wonderful service. The spirit was really evident. It has been such a great blessing to see their whole conversion process. Conversion is such a beautiful thing. Whenever I think of conversion I think of the power of the Atonement. In Alma 36, Alma the younger is telling his conversion process to his son Helaman. After rebelling against the church, he was called to repentance by a messenger of God. After being racked with torment, he remembered the power of the atonement and repented. After he repented, he had a strong desire to share the gospel with those around him. Both Sheila and Damien have a strong desire to share the gospel. Sheila has desires to reactivate a friend that has left the church, and Damien wants his family members in Saint Martin to be baptized too. True conversion occurs when we share our testimonies with others and invite them to come unto Christ. The church is true! the doctrine is pure!

p.s Transfer calls happened and I will be staying in Greenfield Park with Sister Rubio.

Monday, February 10, 2014

We all passed!

Firstly, I passed my citizenship exam. I finished the exam in 5 mins. I only got 1 question wrong. 
Damien had his baptismal interview last Monday and he passed too. He had such a huge smile on his face when he told us he passed. He could not stop smiling. His whole countenance changed. He was full of joy. He is really excited fo his baptism this saturday.
Also, Sheila had her baptismal interview on Sunday before church and passed too. She too was extreamly happy and told all her friends. Her baptism will also be this coming saturday.
I am so gratful and blessed to have had the time to see the full conversion process of both Sheila and Damien. They will make great additions to the Greenfield Park Ward!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Just another week in the mission field

Yesterday was fast Sunday. My investigator Damien fasted for the first time to have additional help from God to help him overcome his word of wisdom problem. He even paid his fast offering. He told us that so far the fast has worked. He has no desire to smoke anymore. He has his baptismal interview today, so we will see if he will be baptized this Saturday. He is really excited about his baptism and has such a strong desire to change.

Sheila is also excited about her baptism too. She still wants it to be a secret though. When we went over the baptismal interview questions with her yesterday, she bore her testimony about joseph smith and the restored Gospel. It was so sincere and beautiful. It has been such a blessing to see her conversion process and see her grow in the gospel. She will be getting baptized Feb 15th.

Yesterday night, sister Rubio and I lost the cell phone. It is not the first time that it has happened. We are usually able to find it, but this time we lost it for good. Luckily three weeks ago the spirit told me to write down all the numbers on the cell phone in my planner, so I did. Tender Mercy!

Today is a big day for me. I have my citizenship exam. If I do not pass this exam, I will not be able to go to school this fall. I hope I pass.

Usually every week we share a scripture of the week with members or investigators. Three weeks ago it was 2 Nephi 33 ( the testimony of Nephi). Two weeks ago it was Luke 15. Last week it was Jacob 2:18. This week it is going to be 2 Nephi 14:24-27.

Last week during district meeting, our district leader gave all of us priesthood blessings of comfort. the spirit was so strong as he did it. Because of that experience, Sister Rubio and I have felt inspired to ask people the following question: when was the last time you received a priesthood blessing? We have been surprised to hear that it has been years since a few members have received one. Some do not ever recall ever receiving one. Some do not even know what it is. We have had the privilege of inviting home teachers and family friends to give priesthood blessings to those individuals.
Last week I received a text from the sisters in the Gatineau ward. They gave me a follow up on one of my converts there. The told me that Serge Tanguay is progressing in the gospel. They said that he is preparing to receive the Melchezidek priesthood this spring and that he has been continuing his family history. He now has the names prepared to go to the temple to have the proxi work done for them. He is just waiting for the next temple trip. Those truly converted to the gospel continue to grow in the gospel.


Dinner at the De la Cuadra's

Monday, January 27, 2014

What a week!

What an interesting week I had.

This week we taught our investigator about the word of Wisdom. He was struggling with drinking tea and smoking illegal substances. After the lesson we committed him to keep the word of wisdom. He agreed to. We then asked him if we could have his tea. He then got up and handed it to us. Then we asked him is we could have his illegal "stuff". He hesitantly gave it to us. On our way to dispose of the "stuff", there were so many police cars around. We both said a silent prayer in our hearts that we would not get pulled over. Luckily we did not, tender mercy. The things you do for your investigators to help them progress towards baptism. That same investigator revealed to us that he has a strong desire to be a missionary. He is awesome.

Last week I wrote about our investigator Sheila who wants to be baptized, but was too shy to tell her family members the great news. Well, on Saturday during dinner she told us to tell her cousin and Uncle. They were so happy. Sheila will be getting baptized on Feb 15th. She is so prepared. She is already keeping all the commandments. Thank goodness! She is going to be a great addition to the ward.
During sacrament meeting I did a talk on "we rejoice in Christ" it went really well. During my talk I spoke a lot about missionary work and the atonement. I compared the Atonement to light. Whenever light is present, darkness disappears. It is like when night turns into day. As the sun rises, the darkness vanishes. If we apply the atonement to our lives, our sins are washed away. Light always prevails against darkness, just like God always prevails against Satan.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Power of the Priesthood

On Saturday, I had the privilege of attending a baptism of an 8 year old girl in Greenfield park. As I watched her in the baptismal font with her father, I could not help but remember my baptism. I remember how clean and pure I felt as I ascended out of the water. I remember having a huge smile on my face because I knew and felt that I made the right choice to be baptized in this church. We are so fortunate to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. We have the priesthood, which is the power of God here on the earth to bind ordinances, such as baptism, in the heavens. On Sunday, we had the privilege to hear talks about the priesthood. A young man said that the power of the priesthood is more powerful than all the powers of the superheroes combined, and it is. Not even the powers of superheroes can effect life after death and across the veil. What a magnificent power we have in our Church. And it all started because a young man in the year 1820, called Joseph Smith, seeked to know which church is the church of God. His logical question lead to a humble prayer which was answered by God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son. I am sure that he must had been surprised when they revealed to him that none of the Churches on the Earth at that time had the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They told him that the Church of God that Jesus Christ organized became many churches of man after the death of Jesus Christ and all the apostles because man changed and twisted the pure doctrine of Christ. A "restitution of all things" (Acts 3:19-21) was needed. They called him as a prophet. They told him that they were going to help him restore all that was lost. The priesthood was one of those "things" that needed to be restored, and it was. Our Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only Church in the entire world that has the priesthood. 

Last week, one of my golden investigators had the privilege of receiving a priesthood blessing from her uncle. After the blessing, she expressed how she felt the power of the priesthood and that she wants to be baptized in our Church because she knows it has the priesthood authority of God. She said that the blessing touched her heart because she felt like it was exactly what she needed to her at that point in time. She felt comforted and love by God. She is too shy to tell her family members that she is has a testimony of our church and that she wants to be baptized. All her family members are already members of our Church. She wants to be baptized before Sister Rubio and I are transferred out of the area. At the moment she is praying for her baptismal date. We will be eating dinner at her home with her family, so hopefully she will tell them then =)

This coming Sunday I will be giving a talk in sacrament meeting about "We Rejoice in Christ." I hope it goes well =)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year

Firstly, I will be staying in Greenfield Park for at least another 6 weeks with my companion Sister Rubio. We are excited to keep making miracles here =)

During sunday school, my ward mission leader, brother Plaskett gave a really powerful lesson about the nature of God. He focused around the principle "God is our loving Heavenly Father, who loves us." As he was giving the lesson, I reflected on my life as a missionary and thought about how my investigators were able to grow more in the gospel after they gained an understanding about that small, but powerful principle of the gospel. God loves us so much that He sent us His son to atone for our sins and to provide a way for us to return back to His presence. He gave us the sacrament so that we can renew all the covenants we have made with Him. He has chosen our day to restore His gospel, wherein we have a living prophet to guide us in these latter days. He has given us commandments to be our guidelines to attaining eternal life. In the scriptures we read about how merciful He is to us and how willing He is to give us time to repent from our sins. He really does love us. The unconditional kind that no human being can understand. I am so grateful to know that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me. If more people understood this simple doctorine, the world would be a better place.

Happy new year =)
Christmas eve with the De la Cuadra's