Sister May is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Canada Montreal Mission

Monday, October 21, 2013

Miracles toujours chaque jour

We had a crazy miracle. On Thursday night, sister Rubio (my new companion) and I entered the car to go to an appointment. We could not drive because Sister Rubio's seatbelt was jammed. No matter how much we pulled the seat belt, it would not move. After trying different maneuvers to release the seat belt we decided to exercise our faith in  God by praying. As I said the prayer, I asked God to make the seatbelt work so we can drive safely to our appointment. As soon as I finished the sentence we both heard a large bang sound coming from the direction of the seatbelt. When I finished the prayer, I pulled the seatbelt and it opened and worked smoothly. God really does answer prayers, especially when we put our complete trust in him.

This week we found 10 new investigators who are interested in learning more about our Church. God truly lead us to those he had prepared as we exercised our faith in him by speaking to everyone as we magnified and fulfilled our purpose as missionaries. Now that more missionaries are serving missions, more people are being prepared. As both members and missionaries word together in this work of salvation, we can find those lost sheep and bring them back to the fold of the Lord.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Let the Holy Spirit Guide

Transfer calls came and went. I will be leaving Gatineau to hasten the work of Salvation in Greenfield Park Ward. 

This week something amazingly strange happened. We had two investigators and a recent convert that wanted to attend a baptism which was happening at the Chapel, but no way to bring them there. We made a few phone calls and said prayers in our heart to be able to find someone willing to bring them, but no one was available. We made a last minute call to the Ward mission leader who said he could bring them to the chapel. The amazingly strange thing that happened was that as they waited, an excommunicated member drives up in their driveway and leaves her car in confusion. The recent convert and two investigators approach her car. She told them that she had know idea why she drove there, she did not even know that they lived there. She had no idea that they needed a ride to go to the chapel. She was just in a daze of confusion. They told her what had happened earlier in that day when they were looking for a way to get to the chapel. She was truly being lead by the spirit. They then told her that the Ward mission Leader is bringing them to the baptism, and she went back home in confusion. From that experience I learnt that God does answers our prayers, even if they are prayers of the heart. Through our faithfulness and trust in him, he will answer our prayers. If we was not able to find them a ride to the chapel, Heavenly Father already had someone in mind to bring them.

Yesterday, Sister Murdoch and I was looking for a Chaperone to come with us to go to a meeting with the Ward mission Leader. We called so much people, but no one could come. We were able to find someone to come with us. 10 minutes before the meeting, the person was about to cancel on us because she had previous arrangements, but she then felt guilty because she did not want us to have our meeting outside in the rain. 5 minutes before the meeting, a sister called us and said that she is able to come to the meeting. we was so relieved to think that even if the woman was not able to come, Heavenly Father had someone in mind who could be with us for the meeting. 

There are so many tender mercies that the Lord gives a us every day. A great theme that is present throughout the Book of Mormon is the tender mercies that the Lord has for us. The miracles are there because they never cease, we just need to recognize them. When they do come, because the always will, we should pray to God and give a prayer of Thanksgiving.

Monday, October 7, 2013

The work of salvation in practice

What a marvellous weekend we all had to listen to the conference talks from our church leaders and Prophet. I truly believe that each talk was divinely inspired. My favourite ones were of course the missionary related ones.  

This week a work of salvation miracle happened. We went to contact a media referral, who was unfortunately not home, so we street contacted a few people and knocked on some doors on the way back to the car. We saw a woman taking out her recycling, so we contacted her. We warmly said Hello to her. we then said "we are missionaries from..." she then finished off our sentence, taking the words straight out of my mouth, "...the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." We were both very confused and assumed that missionaries have come to her home several times. To our luck, she revealed to us that she was the wife of the Bishop in the Champlain Ward. she invited us in for dinner. after dinner, the Bishop gave us 4 referrals. the first two referrals was his neighbours. He actually went with us to the door of his neighbours. The wife was there, who then invited us in. The lesson was so powerful, especially since the third witness was someone she knew. It was too late to contact the last two, but it was an amazing experience. On the drive home, we reflected back on the day we had. For some divine reason, the Bishops wife was taking out her recycling Friday night at 7:30. Who does that? We then thought, what if we let fear take over and did not contact her. What if we took our dinner break? What if we did not receive the media referral? The members have an excitement in participating in the Work of Salvation. It fills me with joy. I am excited to attend Stake Conference to see the Stakes Vision in bringing this marvellous work to come forth.