Sister May is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Canada Montreal Mission

Monday, August 12, 2013

Miracles Everyday

Last week we street contacted a man at the bus stop. He was from Haiti. As we spoke, he revealed to us that when he lived in Haiti, he lived opposite a Mormon church building. He then started to go on and on about how much he loves being around people of our church because they are good people. Before we could get his information, his bus came. All we could do was give him our card and hope that he would call. That night, I prayed to God asking Him to put that man in our path again. Two days later we saw the man again at the same bus stop. He remembered us. We got his information and gave him a Book of Mormon. When we drove past the bus stop again 2 minutes later, to our surprise, we saw him sitting there reading the Book of Mormon we just gave him. It brought joy to our hearts. We saw him again yesterday at that same bus stop. He was happy to see us. He then started to dig through his bag and showed us the Book of Mormon we gave him earlier that week. He told us that he reads it when he has breaks at work. As he was telling us this, he had joy in his eyes. Unfortunately it is hard to meet with him because he works nigh shift, but his testimony continues to grow as he reads the Book.

Last week one of our investigators got baptized. His name is Martin. We was his second set of missionaries. He was taught by missionaries 3 years ago, but was told false doctrine about our church by his friends. 6 Sundays ago he walked into the chapel. He requested missionary lessons and became converted. now he is a member. 

Sometimes as members of the Church it is easy to forget what blessings we have and will receive from being a part of this Church. We have the doors of Salvation opened before us. God does not want us to keep all the blessings for ourselves. He wants us to invite others to partake of those same blessings. In Lehi"s dream of the tree of life, after he partook of the tree he wanted his family to taste of it too. We need to do the same with those around us. We do not have to power to convert people, but we do have to power to bear testimony and invite people to change.     

By small and simple means (August 5)

This week was super busy, we taught a lot of people, but also met a lot of interesting people. One of which was a woman called Akeliah. She is awesome. It is an interesting story how we found her. On Thursday, we were walking in the rain. We looked into the distance and saw a woman carrying her 2 year old child in her arms. We quickly ran to catch up to them to shelter them with our umbrella. As soon as the umbrella covered their heads, it started to downpour. We got to them just in time. When we reached her apartment complex she thanked us and kept calling us her angels. She agreed to meet with us. When we taught her she accepted everything we taught her. It was a miracle that we found her because that afternoon our appointments got cancelled. If they did not get cancelled we would not have been in the path of Akeliah. I know that God had a hand in this.  He really does work in small and simple means to bring to past his eternal purposes.

This week we met a lot of people that were angry with God for not answering their prayers, or for blessing the lives of others and not theirs. We met a woman that told us she stopped praying because she felt like there was no point because, according to her, God was not responding the way she anticipated. God always responds to prayers, maybe not as we like or as quickly as we hope, but he never forgets us. Sometimes we have to just accept the will of the Father and endure our trials cheerfully, not bitterly. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Week One in Gatineau (July 29th)

First week in Gatineau was amazing. This week we met some interesting people. One of which was a mother of two children. Although her kids were running up and down the house energetically, she listened to our message and really felt the spirit as we taught her about the Book of Mormon. The spirit was so strong in the room that she accepted our baptismal invitation. She is preparing for the 15th Septemberr. Another was a Haitian woman that we knocked into. As soon as we finished explaining the Book of Mormon she looked at us and said she knows it is true because she can feel it in her heart. The field is definitely white and ready to be harvested. The people here are so ready for the gospel. I can sense it! I know that with faith God will guide me to those He is preparing to hear the gospel message. I feel that they are ready. All I have to do now is find them.

I'm being transferred!!! (July 22)

I will be transferred into the Gatineau which is in Ottawa. It is the french speaking area in Ottawa, so at least I can still practice my french. I am the new sister training leader there with Sister Murdock. I am so excited. We will be replacing two sisters that were there before, so neither of us know the area. It shall be fun!
It will be sad to leave Trois-Rivieres because I have worked so hard here. The area is at its peak. It has never been so great, now I have to leave it. My investigators were shocked to find out that both Sister Stiles and I were leaving. My companion will be going to Cornwall ward. Saying bye to my investigators was hard, especially hard for the ones we have taught for a while now.

Something that I have come to learn on my mission is that everything happens for a reason.  Just as I get comfortable in an area and when things start to boom, I get transferred. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever see the fruits of my labors.

I am excited for the challenge that is just ahead of me. I will be working in a newly opened area for sisters, so there is a lot of work to be done. I know with faith, diligence and obedience anything is possible.
On Sunday, we had a some investigators at church. They loved it. One of them was an investigator who always used to give us excuses why he could not come. We told him that we was going to sing on Sunday, and wanted his support. He came. He loved it so much. When it was time for him to go, he shook hands with everyone and said that he will see them next week.
I will miss Trois Rivieres.