Sister May is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Canada Montreal Mission

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Taking the lead in Ste Foy

This week has been a crazy week. I said goodbye to my Trainer Sister Perkins who went home to St George Utah, and I received my new companion Sister Zuniga.
Sister Zuniga & I

 This week I have had a huge opportunity to put into practice all the wisdom she has taught me. Over the last week I feel like I have grown as a missionary. I have really relied on the spirit to direct me.

This week was a bit hard because my new companion has served in Spanish her whole mission, so when we are in lessons, she speaks a mix of French, Spanish and English. Luckily our investigators are patient and helpful. I have a lot of pressure because I speak the most french in the companionship. I have really been helping her with the basics.

We did a lot of finding this week and have a pool of new investigators. I am excited to teach them this week.

This week we are going to soft commit all our investigators to baptism (without a baptismal date). We shall see how that goes. If the spirit directs, I will hard commit them (with a baptismal date).

On Wednesday to Friday, a few other Missionaries and I, went to Cegep Ste Foy to give a presentation about our church. It was really interesting. the students asked some interesting questions. we gave out around 60 Book of Mormons and tonnes of pass along Cards. It was a good experience.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another week in the mission field

This week has been a crazy week.

We had Sisters Conference, so all the sister missionaries in the mission field were at the Mission home for special training. My companion and I had the privilege to give a training on finding Christ in the Mission. It went really well. It felt great to be surrounded by all the sister missionaries, and to reunite with old friends.

My trainer goes back home this week to St. George Utah. My new companion is Sister Zuniga. She served in Lasalle for 6 weeks. we are both excited to be reunited again...but this time as companions.  

I wonder what the next few weeks have in store for me. I know that with faith, obedience and diligence God will continue to use me as his instrument to find those people he has prepare for me to teach. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways

This week was a strange week. A lot of our lessons fell through, some cancelled, so we spent a lot of time knocking on doors to find new investigators. We found a few potentials and was lead to two people that are ready for the Gospel. 

On Friday, when my companion and I were walking down the street, a woman stopped us and asked, ''there are woman missionaries too?" we replied, ''yes.'' We then spoke to her for a while and gave her our card with our number and the website on it, then we continued walking. Yesterday on our way to church, I saw the woman again on the bus. We spoke for a bit. She mentioned that she went on the website and media referred herself so missionaries could come and talk to her about the difference between the Book of Mormon and the Bible. So, I guess my companion and I will see her in a couple of weeks to teach her.

We went to visit the 80 year old less active woman again. Lets just say that I got caught in the act laughing. It is quite an interesting story. The visit with her started off good. We spoke to her for a bit and shared a spiritual thought with her. The song was better than last time because my companion and I sang louder than her to drown her out.  Everything was great, until my companion asked her if there was anything we could do for her after we left. It took her so long to respond. as she thought, her head tilted, her breathing became heavy, then she fell asleep. During this time, my companion and I were looking at each other in disbelief. We were both trying to contain our laughs. a little bit of mine came out. at that point i was at the brink of tears because i was trying so hard not to laugh. She woke up and said, in a slow voice, ''pray for the old people.'' All of a sudden she started to say the prayer. My companion and I made eye contact then we get into the prayer position.  Half way through the prayer she stopped speaking. There was a long awkward pause that seemed to last for an eternity. The longer we waited for her to continue the prayer, the harder it was for me to contain my laugh. The room was dead silent. Little bits of my laugh started to come out. I was not sure if I was going to contain it or not. I opened one of my eyes to see if the 80 year old woman was still in the prayer position, she was not. She was leaning over, straining her neck, just looking at me. I could feel my laughter trying to erupt out of me so I started to cough in my sleeve multiple times to ''jazz it out.'' She then gave me a stern look and told me to say the prayer. After the prayer she returned back to her normal self. She forgot about everything that happened before with me and the laughter, thank goodness. 

On Friday evening, we visited a family in the ward who we have been working closely with. The children are members but their mother is not. Before we left, we serenaded them with my guitar.  They really liked it. 

I am really excited for tomorrow because I have sisters conference. All the sisters in the mission are going to go to the mission home for special training. My  companion and i will be doing a training on 'Finding Christ on the Mission.' 

Sister Perkins & I

Sisters in my district

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Just another week in the mission field (Mar 4th)

This week has been one of the longest and most tiring weeks of my mission. 

On Monday, I went to Old Quebec with my District. It was so fun.
Sister Perkins & I at Old Quebec

The beginning of the week was hard. On Tuesday evening, we went knocking to find new investigators. Every single door we knocked on we got a 'No'. The worst 'No' I got was when a woman answered the door, looked at my name tag, and then slammed the door in my face. She did not even give me a chance to speak. I was not impressed.

Me sitting in the snow after a long afternoon of knocking
On Wednesday, we went to visit a 110 year old less active. We got lost trying to look for the hospital she was at. 2 hours later we found it. When we arrived there, we had difficulty finding her room. Eventually we found her. She was sitting in the TV room. We introduced ourselves to her. She replied, ''You're from my church....I used to go there, but now I don' came here to find me.'' We spoke with her for a bit. She was a bit deaf so we had to repeat ourselves tons of times as we shouted in her ear. The other residents were watching us as if we were crazy as we shouted in this old woman's ear. We moved into her room and spoke a bit more. We sang a hymn to her and said a prayer. We all huddled up to her during the prayer so she could hear. What a sight!

Me and my bear friend
We bumped into a little man from Nepal. He did not speak English or French. Sister Perkins thought he was deaf so she started to do sign language to him. He had a confused look on his face. We showed him our tags, then something weird happened. he ran into his house, then came back to us. He showed us his legal documents and his medical card. He though we were Officials. We then told him, ''no, no, no....Jesus...Jesus.'' I showed him a picture of Jesus. He then understood. He ran back into his home and then came back to us. He showed us a pamphlet written in his own language that had pictures of Jesus. He then started to talk to us both in his own language. We smiled and nodded our heads as if we understood what he was saying.

Me and Sister Perkins eating poutine
On Thursday we visited an 80 year old less active. She lives in a old folks home. We entered the building and it was a maze. We went up the stairs to find her room and the door for the 2nd floor shut behind us. We looked on the 2nd floor to find her room, but could not see it. as we tried to leave the floor, we realize that the door needs a code to open. We asked an old man, who had been staring at us walk up and down the long hallway, if he knew the code. He said he does not. We then asked the man if he knew where the 80 year old's room was. He said he does not. He then left his room and kept pointing to all the doors and asked us if we were looking for those people. Every 5 seconds he asked, ''are you looking for this person.'' Sister Perkins and I looked at each other as we thought of the idea of being stuck with that old man who was pointing to all the doors. The look of frustration on our faces was priceless. Eventually another resident came out and did the code for us...thank goodness! We latter found out that the woman was having her dinner. As we walked into the dinning hall we introduced ourselves to her. She looked at us with a huge smile on her face. She was so excited to see us that her eyes looked as if they were going to pop out of her head. As she looks at us she said ''Mormon,'' in a slow creepy voice. Her friends around her kept pushing her arm saying, ''you have have visits.'' 

We went to her room and started to talk with her. She was not completely there. We would ask her a question and it would take her a while to respond. Several times as we asked her questions, she would start to respond then her speech would slow down and her head would start to tilt downwards slowly. At one point she fell asleep halfway though her response. Sister Perkins and I made eye contact. we both tried to hold in our laugh. A little of mine came out. At that point I was in tears. We decided to sing a hymn with her. We chose an up-beat song ''you can make the pathway bright.'' Sister Perkins and I started to sing. the woman joined in. I have no idea what version of the song she was singing. It did not help that she was tone deaf. Both Sister Perkins and I tried to contain our laughter. I could not hold it in any longer. I started to laugh during the song, then Sister Perkins started to laugh. It did not help that we were sitting opposite each other. We both held our hymn books in front of our faces so we would not see each other. We did not make it through the first verse, so we started singing the 4th. I continued singing even though I was laughing. We all sounded like 3 cats being strangled. What a unique sound. When we finished the song, the woman started to talk about how beautiful the song sounded. we asked her if we can do anything for her. She wanted to sing another song. She chose, ''how great thou art.'' Sister Perkins and I looked at each other. We destroyed the song in all levels. We were both laughing throughout the song because it was so bad. As I said the opening prayer, she made me say it into her ear. she then fell asleep during my prayer and started to snore loudly. I had to pause during the prayer several times to contain my laughter. We are going to see her next week, so we will see how that goes. 

Overall, this week was a pretty good week. We taught tons of people, have 5 new investigators, and plenty of potential investigators. 

Anyways, all is well up here in Quebec.

This one's for and my companion doing club cool

Me & my district

First Week in Ste Foy (Feb 25th)

On the 20th, in the evening, Perkins and I were eating dinner when we received a phone call from the mission president. He asked us how things were going. We replied that 'things are going great. We are not stressed, even though we are starting with nothing.' He then told us that we were being Emergency Transferred. We both look at each other in shock. My heart sunk with disbelief.  We said OK and then hung up. We both had an uneasy feeling in our heart and mind. We both discussed it and both did not feel right about the change. Both I and my companion called the president to let him know how we felt. He basically told us that we have to make sacrifices. After speaking with him for a bit, he said that we could choose. We then asked him if we could pray about it and then get back to him in the morning. We both prayed together and had a spiritual confirmation that we should choose to stay together. Anyways, we called president the next morning and told him we want to stay together. he seemed OK with our decision and said he has a plan. 

Both sister Perkins and I are working hard in our new area. We are happy and stress free.

Our First Sunday in Ste-Foy was nice. People were happy to have sisters again. 

A couple of weeks ago, we went to an elderly sister's home. She fed us couscous with beans and raisins. When we took a bite, I almost gagged. It tasted like the crackers from that investigators home. Couscous is not meant to taste like that. My companions were kicking my feet under the table to try make me laugh. I held it in and finished the food quickly.  

Both Sister Perkins and I will be giving a training at Sisters conference on "Finding Christ in the Mission." We are also giving a training this Thursday at Zone Study on "getting investigators to Church." We are busy Bees.

"The women are coming" (Feb 18th)

This week has been crazy. Firstly, on Monday evening till Wednesday morning, the coordinating sisters came to work in our area to train us.

All the teams in my district volunteered at Carnival.

Saturday was transfer calls. I will be opening up a new area with Sister Perkins in Downtown Quebec. We are starting with nothing: no investigates, we do not know the members, we do not know the area, we do not know how the bus system works, no car...nothing. We are sure in for a treat. This is going to be interesting. I will let you know what happens.  I know that it is going to be hard, but i know that as long as i put my trust in God and continue to work hard, He will bless me.

Before i continue, I received news that the MTC is officially full. They are becoming desperate now because there is no place to fit all the missionaries. They are just sending them out. 4 new sisters arrived today and 4 more are arriving next week. We nearly have a group of sisters coming in every 2 weeks. Let the craziness begin or as Sister Cannon says..."the women are coming!"

On Sunday, the YSA had a testimony meeting for their multi-stake YSA conference at my ward. My companions and I entered in for the last 15 mins to support our investigator who bore her testimony for the first time. It was the 18 year old who walked into the chapel 2 Sundays ago. Her testimony was beautiful and sincere. It surely came from the heart. I was so proud.

Me and my investigator that bore her testimony 

After church, I saw a lot of familiar faces, it was nice. I came to realize that everyone has stayed the same, but i haven't. I feel like during the last two months that I have been on my mission, I have changed immensely. I have a closer relationship with God. Everyday I exercise my faith in him that he will help me. I am completely missionary minded. I do not look at people how they are, I look at their divine potential. My love and appreciation for the Gospel has grown, and continues to grow each day. If I have changed this much in 2 months, I cannot imagine how much I am going to change by the end of my mission.

   Me and a good friend

Week 4 on the field (Feb 11th)

A few Sundays ago in Relief Society our teacher was giving a lesson and she gave out a picture of a Wagon. No one knew why because she did not relate it back to anything. There were a few left over after class so i put some in Sister Limburg's bag. All 10 of them. When she found it, she put it in all my stuff: my scriptures, Preach My Gospel, My bag, my purse, and other locations i have not discovered. They keep appearing from nowhere. It is our companion joke to hide those stupid wagons in each others' stuff. This has been going on for 2 weeks now.

Last Sunday we went to a family's home for dinner. The husband gave us a pack of wasabi coated Peanuts. They had a weird taste to them. We kept them on our eating table. They tasted disgusting, but we could not stop eating them. They have a peculiar taste that leaves you wanting more. Whenever we eat them we all have a disgusted look on our faces, but we still go back and reach for another one. 

President said that 4 new sisters are coming in on the 18th of Feb. 2 weeks before the real transfer calls. Another Area is opening up in Quebec City for sisters, so the Trio is breaking up. I will let you know what happens.

Me and my 84 year old investigator

We made valentine cookies for our investigators and less Actives