Sister May is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Canada Montreal Mission

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sister May's Challenge

I want to to challenge you to do something for me.

This challenge will increase the spirituality of your family as a whole.

I want you to get a jar and label it ''our family's spiritual progression.''

Tthen, every time you do something spiritual such as, family scripture reading, family home evening, family prayers, yo can put a glass stone/pebble (from Dollarama) or a coin, whatever.

Display it on top of the fireplace so that you all can see your spiritual growth as a family.

Week two in the field

Last week was a really good one it was -40C. the wind was so icy. 
It was death.

This Last week I asked someone to be baptized. he said no because he wanted to learn more and finish reading the book of Mormon before committing to be baptized. I then did something really bold. I took out the picture of me getting baptized at age 8 to show him. I then explained, in french, that at that age, i did not have a lot of knowledge about the gospel. 
All I had was a testimony of God and Jesus Christ. I knew that I had to get baptized because Jesus was my example and if he, being prefect, had to get baptized, then I had to. I bore my testimony, the recommitted him. he said that he wants to get baptized.  I set his baptism to March 16th. then I promised him that as long as he has faith and is diligent in his scripture study and prayers, God will prepare him to be baptized. 
I left the lesson almost in tears because I was so overcome with the spirit. Sister Limburg and Perkins told everyone about my baptism commitment. they were such proud parents. 
 The gift of tongues really is given to every missionary. all i done was open my mouth and God and the Holy Ghost do the rest. 

Last week something funny happened to me. my companions and I went to visit a 82 year old investigator. the day we visited her it was -40C. 
She was nice enough to make us soup. she served us crackers to go with the soup. I took one bite out of the cracker and I almost threw up. It tasted so disgusting, those crackers were probably as old as she was. 
I looked over at Sister Limburg who sprinkles the crackers in her soup. she takes a spoonful of the soup and has a disgusted look on her face. She then reaches over and puts pepper in the soup. I am trying my hardest to hold my laugh in because I know that it is the crackers making her soup taste funny. She then reaches over to the crackers and takes a bite out of one.
Her facial expression almost killed me. It was as if she was eating a sour lemon. Sister Perkins, who has no idea what is going on, takes a cracker. Sister Limburg looks over at Sister Perkins and, with her eyes, says 'do not eat the cracker.' The old lady catches Sister Limburg's look at Sister Perkins and say's 'she can have a cracker if she wants.' Sister Perkins takes a bite out of the cracker and is horrified by the taste. As this is all going on I am dying insides. my head was hurting as I held my loud laugh in. 
When we left the appointment I released my laughter. 
Now every time we have a meal, someone in the companionship says, 'do you know what will go good with this meal...crackers.'

Monday, January 21, 2013

First Week in the Field

I'm serving in French! I was told by president cannon that I will be training really soon because by the end of March there will be 18 new sisters in the mission.

What the Heck! I am being trained by Sister Limburg and Sister Perkins. They are two of the ''oldest'' sister missionaries in the mission. they are passing their wisdom down to me. they are teaching me how to train. My French has improved dramatically. People say I speak it like a fluent French speaker.

Anyways, my first week in the field has been tiring. we spent the whole week finding people. we knocked for 12 hours this week. we had a lot of doors slammed in our faces, but we endured to the end. I street contacted lots of people.

Sister Perkins and Limburg looked at me as if I was crazy, especially when I knocked on someones car window to talk to them. I cannot help the fact that I am a fearless and bold missionary.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Last Week at the MTC

Guess who made a surprise visit to the departing missionaries on my last Sunday at the MTC, President Uchdolf! He came by to say hello, good luck and goodbye, to all the missionaries that were leaving the same week as I.

My MTC companion's name is Sister Phermsin. She is from Finland. she is 1/2 Tai 1/2 Swedish. she is serving in the London South visitors center. I was the only one in my branch serving in Montreal. That is because I was put into the international branch with everyone who already speak their mission assigned language.
On Sunday I bore my testimony for the first time in French. It went pretty well. Whenever people ask me where i am from, I always tell them that I was born in England, but, before my mission I lived in Montreal. I say that because I do not want people to assume that I already speak French.

Did you know that I am the reason Villa Maria has sisters now. President Cannon did not know that I was coming. I was scheduled to come Feb 26th. that was before they knew I already spoke French. President found out 3 days before transfer calls that I was coming.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Week 2 1/2

this has been a crazy week at the MTC. There was a stomache flu going around. missionaries were dropping like flies. I did not have it, luckily.
Since being at the MTC i have learnt how to teach with the spirit. This week i feel like i have grown as a missionary. there is more to teaching than knowing the lessons. i have truly learnt how to teach to the needs of the investigators.

This week especially, i have had some of the most amazing lessons teaching fake investigators and my teaches ever. I took less time to prepare and more time praying for inspiration. I truly put my trust in the Lord. Yesterday in particular was amazing. i taught my teacher as himself. Both my companion and I did not have time to prepare a lesson because we were filling out teacher evaluations. we said a quick prayer before teaching for guidance to help us know what we should teach our teacher. going into the room, we still had no idea. I felt inspired to talk about patience, faith and trust in God. we started to teach. it was all by the spirit. all we done was open our mouths and words came out. we asked inspired question. during the lesson he really opened up to us. we taught to his needs. at the end of the lesson he told us that our lesson was an answer to his prayers. i believe that it was the best lesson i have ever taught at the MTC. In that lesson i learnt the importance of teaching by the spirit and the power of prayer.

Last Sunday i was given a calling in church, i am the music director. i am super excited and hope to fulfill my calling.
My flight plans should be coming in next week so i will let you guys know what is going on.
The next time i will be writing to you all is next Saturday. my schedule is a bit different next week.