Sister May is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Canada Montreal Mission

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Week

This week was a great week as we shared the Christmas Spirit with the members and investigators.

This week we met up with another team of sisters to sing Christmas songs to members and investigators. It was so much fun.

On Christmas day we had a Christmas miracle. Our dinner appointment cancelled on us last minute which left us without a place to eat on Christmas day. Two minutes after we received the bad news, a member called us to ask us if we had somewhere to eat for Christmas. We said no. then she invited us over to have Christmas dinner with her family, that experience strengthened my testimony that God hears all prayers...even the ones that we have not formally said.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and that you will have a happy new year.  I have been really bad at sending pictures because the computer that i use takes a lifetime to upload the pictures. 

Love, Sister May

p.s. it was great seeing you all again =)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

This week we paid a few surprise visits to our investigators and members and shoveled the snow from their driveways. It was so much fun. The best part was the looks on their faces as they saw us with our skirts in their driveways with their shovels.  A few were confused and happy at the same time, others tried to take the shovels from our hands.

Because of dangerous driving conditions, the temple trip with one of my converts was cancelled and moved to the end of January.
This week we have been sharing a Christmas story about the meaning of the symbolism behind Christmas. We made it super fun with props and visuals. The funniest part was when we took out a small Christmas tree from our bag. The look of shock in peoples eyes has been priceless. The reactions are always different. some people laugh with shock, others have a look of amazement in their eyes and huge smiles on their faces. It is the best.

On Saturday we went caroling in the Longueil Metro with some of the missionaries who lived on the South Shore. It was so fun. we set up a table with DVDs and Books of Mormon. on different occasions people kept trying to give us money. When we told them we did not want it, they were surprised. When we gave them a free Joy to the world DVD and a book of Mormon, they were even more surprised. One woman and her friend came to the table and asked how much items on the table cost. We told her it was all free. She then took 3 Books of Mormon and a few restoration DVDs. Her friend too. It was great. A random woman even joined our group and sang with us.
On Sunday morning, we received a call from several members informing us that church was cancelled because the roads were like an ice rink. A lot of members insisted that we stay home and not go out because of the driving conditions. Of course we did not listen to them and went out and worked. We assisted instead at the French ward, which started at 1pm, so by that time the roads were a lot safer. The room was filled with missionaries from all over whose services were cancelled too. There were in total 23 missionaries who attended the Lemoyne Ward sacrament meeting.

 On Sunday evening, we had a Christmas activity with the missionaries in the Stake. We walked the streets of Montreal singing Christmas songs. on the way we sang to a few members who lived close by to the Montreal chapel. People looked at us as if we was crazy, but we loved it. On the way we helped push a car that was stuck in the snow and then carried on singing. It was great to spread the spirit of Christmas to those around us. After the singing we went back into the chapel and watched a few of the new bible videos about the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.
Merry Christmas family and a happy new year.

Monday, December 16, 2013

1 year already

This Thursday marks my year mark since being a missionary. Time surely does fly by. The other day I was reflecting back on my mission since being set apart as a missionary. I have learned and grown so much. Missions really do change people. I am going to make the most out of my mission. These last six months are going to be intense as I continue to endure till the end. 

Yesterday as my companion and I went to the car we were in for a treat. Our car was buried in snow. With only brushes used to dust the snow off the car, and no shovels we managed to shovel ourselves out of the snow. As we were shoveling, my companion was so happy. She comes from Mexico so there is no snow in her country. Never have I seen someone as happy as she was. She was more happy than a child on Christmas day. 

This week was a super busy week. We had to run to appointment to appointment. it was great.

Just a few pictures from last transfer. The first two are part member families who we are teaching

picture of a Christmas stocking a member made me

picture I took with my district, you may recognize a few faces =P

Monday, December 9, 2013

Great news

This week I received some great news. One of my converts, Serge Tanguay from Gatineau, will be going to the temple to do ordinances for his ancestors. This was the convert who has been doing a lot of genealogy and has a long list of names of his ancestors ready to take to the temple. It is so exciting. I look forward to help out in the ordinances this Saturday.
Also, a man called Guy, one of the investigators I taught in my first area, Quebec, is now ready for baptism. He has been waiting for a bit over a year now to be baptized. He could not be baptized in the past because of health problems. His has now recovered from his 3 operations and is excited to enter the waters of baptism. He will be baptized next Saturday.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Let the holy spirit guide

Yesterday, sister Rubio and I was walking down a stairwell in an apartment complex after visiting a potential investigator. all of a sudden we see a door that had Merry Christmas. We felt inspired to knock it, so we did. a woman from the Congo answered and invited us into her home. we was so confused, but of course we entered. We shared a brief message about the book of Mormon. The spirit was really there. The woman is super open and excited for the next time we will visit her. The Spirit works in mysterious ways =)
p.s. we had another amazing week in greenfield park =)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Where do I begin?

Where do I begin?

Firstly, I am staying in Greenfield Park with Sister Rubio. I guess there is still some work for me that God needs me here for.

Last Tuesday, on my birthday, our car decided to rebel against us. We were parked to make some phone calls. After we done so, we tried to start the car, but the battery died on us. No matter what we did, the car would not start. Of course that day it was super cold outside, and neither of us wore warm enough clothes to walk to our appointments. Whilst we were in the car, waiting for the battery to warm up we made a few phone calls. One of the people we called was someone named Eric. He was taught by missionaries a long while ago. When we called him he was super open, he invited himself to go to church, and he set up an appointment with us to teach him the next morning. Eric is an excommunicated Jehovah Witness who is looking for a place of belonging. He is really open and has so much potential. He came to church and loved it. It was the primary presentation. If our car did not die on us, we would have never called Eric (an unknown number that was on our phone). God really does work in mysterious ways.

Last Thursday we had a Zone training Meeting. Sister Rubio and i were asked to give a training on 'Giving the Baptismal Commitment.' I think it went really well.

My ex-companion, Sister Murdoch sent me an email telling me some interesting stories that happened to people we taught together in Gatineau. 2 months ago in Gatineau, we street contacted a man called Tambwe. He seemed really interested to meet with us and was very enthusiastic about us teaching his family about the church. I then got transferred, out of the area. Sister Murdoch and her new companion went back to teach Tambwe and his family. Tambwe has 9 children and they love the teachings of our church. Tambwe and his family have a baptismal date for January 11. They are so excited to read and pray and find out if the church is true. They know what they committed to, and they know that it's a commitment :) They are awesome!
She also told me about someone called Jean. While I was in Gatineau, the spirit told me to talk to a teenager (I usually do not street contact children). I asked him if his parents would be interested in our message. He said yes. I then got transferred, but they started to teach him and last Sunday he invited him self to church and loved it =)
Also, one of my recent converts is preparing himself to go to the temple to do baptisms for his ancestors. He has an excitement to hunt down names. He loves doing Genealogy work.
Love you All!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What a week!

This week must have been one of the most tiring weeks of my mission. This week my companion and I set a record by teaching 33 lessons this week. We were really blessed because we had a few miracles: surprise calls from our investigators telling us that they have some time to meet with us; our investigators referred us to their friends and family members; Members opened up their homes for us to teach our investigators. (Alma 26:35-37). A lot of missionaries keep asking us how we are teaching so much lessons, we tell them that we do not know, we just follow the spirit, worked super hard, and put our trust in God and he done the rest.
This week was mission conference. We had the privilege in listening to the councils from Elder Piper, from the Seventy. He showed us how to teach from the Book of Mormon and how to follow the Spirit in teaching. He showed us how what we do (principles) and how we do it (application) are based on what we believe (doctrine). He emphasized the doctrine of agency and showed us how to teach people to find their own answers from the scriptures. He taught us how Priesthood power and ordinances bless the families of the Church as we make and keep sacred covenants. It was so inspired.
Hope you all have a great week full of miracles of course =)

Monday, November 11, 2013

The church is true and i love it

This week I had the privilege of witnessing the Stake Presidency change. I believe it was the first Stake Presidency change that I remember in my whole life. I know that the Montreal Mount Royal Stake is in good hands. I knew that it was an inspired decision.

During the Saturday session of Stake Conference, Elder Piper of the Seventy asked all the Missionary companionships who had taught at least 20 lessons within the last 7 days to stand up. Both my companion and I stood up because the week before we taught 25 lessons and by that Saturday night we were already at 20 lessons. After standing up, we looked around and realized that we were the only missionaries in the Stake standing up. It was so surprising. Then on top of that, President Patrick called us up to be in a panel, where people would ask us questions. It was an interesting experience. I was glad the Elders got asked all the hard questions about Ward Council. The question I got asked was what would I say to all those 18 and 19 year olds that have not made their minds up to go on a mission. I have no idea what I said, but I know that God guided me in my words.

I am so grateful to be a missionary to the Canada Montreal Mission. I know I am supposed to be here. I know that there are people prepared for the Gospel that God needs me to help progress towards accepting His Gospel. I know that if I continue to work hard, God will continue to use me as his instrument to Hasten His Work in these last days. The Church is true and I Love it!

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Work of Salvation in effect

This week was a great week. We had a Zone training Meeting with all the Missionaries in the Stake. Of course they spoke about hastening the Work of Salvation. It was very uplifting. As a missionary, it is great to see the Work of Salvaion in effect, as both members and missionaries work hand in hand to "bring to past the immortality and eternal life of man." At the moment my companion and I are teaching a lot of people who were referred to us through members, whether they are non member family members or friends. As more members learn to put their trust in God and invite those they love to partake of the joy that comes from being a member of the restored Church of Jesus Christ, God will prepare the hearts of those around them quicker because he knows of their desire to obey the wise councils from God's messengers here on Earth. I know that God loves each and everyone of his children, and that this new emphasis members helping in missionary work shows that God really is preparing more people. He is doing it through the members and the examples they show to their peers and family members.

Last week, a member invited her non member friend to a halloween activity at the chapel. The friend and her children enjoyed it so much that they came to church the following sunday. On sunday, they were welcomed and greeted with open arms by the members. They told us how much they loved Church and that they want to come to Stake Conference and have missionary discussions to see what our Church is all about. What would of happened if the member did not use that oppertunity to invite her friends to come to the halloween activity? You can probably answer the question yourselves.

Missionary work begins with just being a good citizen and a friend to those around you. I promise you that if you be a good friend to those around you, God will do the rest. It also begins with a desire for the salvation of those around you. In the Book of Mormon, a prophet reveals a promise for all, it reads: "Behold, I say unto you that whoso believeth in Christ, doubting nothing, whatsoever he shall ask the Father in the name of Christ it shall be granted him; and this promise is unto all, even unto the ends of the Earth" (Mormon 9:21). I know that this promise is true. Throughout my life I have put it to the test and God has not failed me. Especially when I ask him something that is according to His Will, such as for opportunities to share the Gospel. I know that if you trust in God pray to Him for the courage to help those you love to receive the restored Gospel, of course He will do it =)

Hastening the work of Salvation (Oct 28th)

This week my companion and I have been working with the members a lot. We have started to teach their non-member friends and family members. I can sense that the members here have a great excitement to hasten the work of salvation on a personal and individual level. As members put their trust in God, He will give them the strength to invite those they love to learn more about this glorious Gospel.

On Saturday, Sister Rubio and I went knocking. We knocked into a Vietnamese woman, who did not speak english or french very well. She told us that her uncle speaks better english and that he might be interested in missionary visits. On Sunday, we went to their home and the uncle was there. We shared a message about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, committed him to be baptized on December 7th, and he accepted. He even invited himself to come to our church.

Also, in my first week in Greenfield Park, we street contacted a man from China and taught him about our church. He seemed interested so we set up a return appointment. Last week we gave him a Book of Mormon in Chinese. He was so happy. We commited him to be baptised in December too. He accepted to work towards that date.
As people see our love for the Gospel, they will be more open to accept it. We are blessed as members of the church to be brought up with such good values and principles. as we share that with those around us, they want the same joy in their homes with their families.
The Church is true!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Miracles toujours chaque jour

We had a crazy miracle. On Thursday night, sister Rubio (my new companion) and I entered the car to go to an appointment. We could not drive because Sister Rubio's seatbelt was jammed. No matter how much we pulled the seat belt, it would not move. After trying different maneuvers to release the seat belt we decided to exercise our faith in  God by praying. As I said the prayer, I asked God to make the seatbelt work so we can drive safely to our appointment. As soon as I finished the sentence we both heard a large bang sound coming from the direction of the seatbelt. When I finished the prayer, I pulled the seatbelt and it opened and worked smoothly. God really does answer prayers, especially when we put our complete trust in him.

This week we found 10 new investigators who are interested in learning more about our Church. God truly lead us to those he had prepared as we exercised our faith in him by speaking to everyone as we magnified and fulfilled our purpose as missionaries. Now that more missionaries are serving missions, more people are being prepared. As both members and missionaries word together in this work of salvation, we can find those lost sheep and bring them back to the fold of the Lord.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Let the Holy Spirit Guide

Transfer calls came and went. I will be leaving Gatineau to hasten the work of Salvation in Greenfield Park Ward. 

This week something amazingly strange happened. We had two investigators and a recent convert that wanted to attend a baptism which was happening at the Chapel, but no way to bring them there. We made a few phone calls and said prayers in our heart to be able to find someone willing to bring them, but no one was available. We made a last minute call to the Ward mission leader who said he could bring them to the chapel. The amazingly strange thing that happened was that as they waited, an excommunicated member drives up in their driveway and leaves her car in confusion. The recent convert and two investigators approach her car. She told them that she had know idea why she drove there, she did not even know that they lived there. She had no idea that they needed a ride to go to the chapel. She was just in a daze of confusion. They told her what had happened earlier in that day when they were looking for a way to get to the chapel. She was truly being lead by the spirit. They then told her that the Ward mission Leader is bringing them to the baptism, and she went back home in confusion. From that experience I learnt that God does answers our prayers, even if they are prayers of the heart. Through our faithfulness and trust in him, he will answer our prayers. If we was not able to find them a ride to the chapel, Heavenly Father already had someone in mind to bring them.

Yesterday, Sister Murdoch and I was looking for a Chaperone to come with us to go to a meeting with the Ward mission Leader. We called so much people, but no one could come. We were able to find someone to come with us. 10 minutes before the meeting, the person was about to cancel on us because she had previous arrangements, but she then felt guilty because she did not want us to have our meeting outside in the rain. 5 minutes before the meeting, a sister called us and said that she is able to come to the meeting. we was so relieved to think that even if the woman was not able to come, Heavenly Father had someone in mind who could be with us for the meeting. 

There are so many tender mercies that the Lord gives a us every day. A great theme that is present throughout the Book of Mormon is the tender mercies that the Lord has for us. The miracles are there because they never cease, we just need to recognize them. When they do come, because the always will, we should pray to God and give a prayer of Thanksgiving.

Monday, October 7, 2013

The work of salvation in practice

What a marvellous weekend we all had to listen to the conference talks from our church leaders and Prophet. I truly believe that each talk was divinely inspired. My favourite ones were of course the missionary related ones.  

This week a work of salvation miracle happened. We went to contact a media referral, who was unfortunately not home, so we street contacted a few people and knocked on some doors on the way back to the car. We saw a woman taking out her recycling, so we contacted her. We warmly said Hello to her. we then said "we are missionaries from..." she then finished off our sentence, taking the words straight out of my mouth, "...the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." We were both very confused and assumed that missionaries have come to her home several times. To our luck, she revealed to us that she was the wife of the Bishop in the Champlain Ward. she invited us in for dinner. after dinner, the Bishop gave us 4 referrals. the first two referrals was his neighbours. He actually went with us to the door of his neighbours. The wife was there, who then invited us in. The lesson was so powerful, especially since the third witness was someone she knew. It was too late to contact the last two, but it was an amazing experience. On the drive home, we reflected back on the day we had. For some divine reason, the Bishops wife was taking out her recycling Friday night at 7:30. Who does that? We then thought, what if we let fear take over and did not contact her. What if we took our dinner break? What if we did not receive the media referral? The members have an excitement in participating in the Work of Salvation. It fills me with joy. I am excited to attend Stake Conference to see the Stakes Vision in bringing this marvellous work to come forth.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Temple trip =)

This week I had the wonderful privilege to take one of my recent converts, Martin, to the temple for the first time. It was such a spiritual experience for all of us. He was able to do the work for his Grandfather. It felt so good to be inside of the temple again. The spirit was so strong inside.

It is just over 9 months that I have been a missionary. I am so glad that I made that decision to serve God and His children for 18 months. I also feel tremendously blessed to be serving my mission not too far from my converts; that way I can be involved in their progression in this true Church of God. I look forward to be there when he goes through his first endowment session.

Miracles in Gatineau (Sept 23rd)

This week one of our investigators, Serge, got baptised. it was a miracle how we found him. We prayed to find a road we can knock. Serge's road was one of them. When we found Serge he was a non-practising Catholic, who did not believe in God. After we gave him a pass along card with our name, number and a sentence saying "Dieu Vous aime;" he agreed to meet with us again. We taught him the next day and invited him to come to Church. He came. The next visit we left him Alma 32 to read, then later in the week we committed him to be baptised. He accepted. The next lesson we taught him was Word of Wisdom. Never in my life have I seen someone sweat so much. He was so nervous because he had problems with all of them. But, as he kept repeating, he planted his seed and if he nourishes it it will grow. With his faith, he was able to obey the Word of Wisdom weeks before his baptism. Later on, he remarked to us that the reason why he had a strong desire to join our Church was because he was touched by the sentence we left him on the pass along card, "Dieu Vous aime!" He told us that because God loves him, we were guided to find him. Serge knows the Church is true. He is happy. His friends around him has seen a change in him since we started to see teach him. Since we taught him, he has been working on his family history. He has over 30 names ready to take to the temple. I know that his Ancestors on the other side played a huge role in preparing his heart for the Gospel. 


p.s. Serge is the one with the long white hair and beard. the person baptising him was Martin. one of our recent converts. it was his first baptism. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another week in Gatineau

Last week we had an amazing lesson with a family we are teaching. They are a couple from Cote d'Ivoire who moved to Canada 1 month ago. We found the husband a few weeks ago while he was going for a walk with his 2 children. He told us that he met with missionaries when he was in Cote d'Ivoire and that he has a close friend that is a member of the Church. He told us he was interested in having the missionary discussions again.

We have been teaching them for 1 month now. The husband already has a testimony about the Church, but he is waiting for his wife to gain a testimony too. When we taught them on Saturday, the wife revealed to us that she knows, without a doubt, that the book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet who restored Christ's Church. When she said that Sister Murdoch and I looked at each other with shock, but excitement. Sadly, the family will be moving to America this week. We are both are praying that there is a member from the ward there that speaks French, or that a missionary who speaks French will find them. They are truly prepared.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Transfers (Sept 3rd)

Transfer calls came and went. I will be staying in Gatineau. I have never been so happy to stay in an area =) Heavenly Father really does hear our prayers.

This week was an amazing week, as per usual. We were in Montreal for a missionary leadership meeting. 

Sister Murdoch and I organized a sisters Training meeting for the sisters in the Ottawa Zone. It was amazing. The spirit was really there as each sister participated in spiritually nourishing each other. It was based around how we can magnify and fulfil our purpose as a missionary.


The time is right (Aug 26th)

This weekend, one of our Amis got baptised. Her name is Anne-Marie. I have never seen someone so happy before in my life. 

This week Sister Murdoch and I have been working on magnifying our purpose as missionaries by inviting our Amis come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored Gospel. As we do this, we have been seeing the change in our investigators hearts as they repent and progress towards baptism. Three weeks ago, we knocked on a man's door. He told us that he did not believe in God or in organized religion. He asked us to come back to teach him because he was curious about our Church. As we started to teach him, he started to believe that there was a God who loved and cared about him. he planted a seed in his heart and started to nourish his testimony with prayed and scripture study. He wants to be baptised in God's restored church. He know that he has a lot to change before his baptism next month, but he has Faith in God that he can do it, because, as he loves to say, ''his see dis planted.''

Also, this week we challenged our recent convert to invite his friends to our next visit with him. He bore his testimony to them and they both asked if they can be baptised into our Church because they know it is true. God really is preparing the hearts of people to accept the Gospel. 

We as members of the Church have no power to convert our friends and family to the restored Gospel. Only God can do that through the power of the Holy Ghost. all we can do is invite. As soon as Lehi partook of the fruit of the tree of life, he searched for his family members to partake of it too because it was good. All he done was invite them with love because he really cared about them.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Miracles Everyday

Last week we street contacted a man at the bus stop. He was from Haiti. As we spoke, he revealed to us that when he lived in Haiti, he lived opposite a Mormon church building. He then started to go on and on about how much he loves being around people of our church because they are good people. Before we could get his information, his bus came. All we could do was give him our card and hope that he would call. That night, I prayed to God asking Him to put that man in our path again. Two days later we saw the man again at the same bus stop. He remembered us. We got his information and gave him a Book of Mormon. When we drove past the bus stop again 2 minutes later, to our surprise, we saw him sitting there reading the Book of Mormon we just gave him. It brought joy to our hearts. We saw him again yesterday at that same bus stop. He was happy to see us. He then started to dig through his bag and showed us the Book of Mormon we gave him earlier that week. He told us that he reads it when he has breaks at work. As he was telling us this, he had joy in his eyes. Unfortunately it is hard to meet with him because he works nigh shift, but his testimony continues to grow as he reads the Book.

Last week one of our investigators got baptized. His name is Martin. We was his second set of missionaries. He was taught by missionaries 3 years ago, but was told false doctrine about our church by his friends. 6 Sundays ago he walked into the chapel. He requested missionary lessons and became converted. now he is a member. 

Sometimes as members of the Church it is easy to forget what blessings we have and will receive from being a part of this Church. We have the doors of Salvation opened before us. God does not want us to keep all the blessings for ourselves. He wants us to invite others to partake of those same blessings. In Lehi"s dream of the tree of life, after he partook of the tree he wanted his family to taste of it too. We need to do the same with those around us. We do not have to power to convert people, but we do have to power to bear testimony and invite people to change.     

By small and simple means (August 5)

This week was super busy, we taught a lot of people, but also met a lot of interesting people. One of which was a woman called Akeliah. She is awesome. It is an interesting story how we found her. On Thursday, we were walking in the rain. We looked into the distance and saw a woman carrying her 2 year old child in her arms. We quickly ran to catch up to them to shelter them with our umbrella. As soon as the umbrella covered their heads, it started to downpour. We got to them just in time. When we reached her apartment complex she thanked us and kept calling us her angels. She agreed to meet with us. When we taught her she accepted everything we taught her. It was a miracle that we found her because that afternoon our appointments got cancelled. If they did not get cancelled we would not have been in the path of Akeliah. I know that God had a hand in this.  He really does work in small and simple means to bring to past his eternal purposes.

This week we met a lot of people that were angry with God for not answering their prayers, or for blessing the lives of others and not theirs. We met a woman that told us she stopped praying because she felt like there was no point because, according to her, God was not responding the way she anticipated. God always responds to prayers, maybe not as we like or as quickly as we hope, but he never forgets us. Sometimes we have to just accept the will of the Father and endure our trials cheerfully, not bitterly. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Week One in Gatineau (July 29th)

First week in Gatineau was amazing. This week we met some interesting people. One of which was a mother of two children. Although her kids were running up and down the house energetically, she listened to our message and really felt the spirit as we taught her about the Book of Mormon. The spirit was so strong in the room that she accepted our baptismal invitation. She is preparing for the 15th Septemberr. Another was a Haitian woman that we knocked into. As soon as we finished explaining the Book of Mormon she looked at us and said she knows it is true because she can feel it in her heart. The field is definitely white and ready to be harvested. The people here are so ready for the gospel. I can sense it! I know that with faith God will guide me to those He is preparing to hear the gospel message. I feel that they are ready. All I have to do now is find them.

I'm being transferred!!! (July 22)

I will be transferred into the Gatineau which is in Ottawa. It is the french speaking area in Ottawa, so at least I can still practice my french. I am the new sister training leader there with Sister Murdock. I am so excited. We will be replacing two sisters that were there before, so neither of us know the area. It shall be fun!
It will be sad to leave Trois-Rivieres because I have worked so hard here. The area is at its peak. It has never been so great, now I have to leave it. My investigators were shocked to find out that both Sister Stiles and I were leaving. My companion will be going to Cornwall ward. Saying bye to my investigators was hard, especially hard for the ones we have taught for a while now.

Something that I have come to learn on my mission is that everything happens for a reason.  Just as I get comfortable in an area and when things start to boom, I get transferred. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever see the fruits of my labors.

I am excited for the challenge that is just ahead of me. I will be working in a newly opened area for sisters, so there is a lot of work to be done. I know with faith, diligence and obedience anything is possible.
On Sunday, we had a some investigators at church. They loved it. One of them was an investigator who always used to give us excuses why he could not come. We told him that we was going to sing on Sunday, and wanted his support. He came. He loved it so much. When it was time for him to go, he shook hands with everyone and said that he will see them next week.
I will miss Trois Rivieres.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The field is white and ready for harvest

This has been an interesting week. There was a huge thunderstorm Wednesday night, and of course we got caught in it. We were teaching one of our investigators outside when it happened. We were at a spiritual high point in the lesson too. The wind was blowing, the rain was falling. We were drenched from head to toe. Just as we thought it was done, part two came with vengeance. My new shoes got drenched. As we got closer to the apartment it got worse. As we look to our apartment, we see the other set of sisters on the balcony cheering for us. What a sight. As we entered our apartment we dripped everywhere. It was fun.
We started to explore parts of our area that we have not worked in before. We explored an area called Shawinigan. It is a town 35 mins north from Trois Rivières. The area has so much potential. A lot of people we spoke to were curious about our church because they had never heard of it. The field is definitely white and ready to harvest there. If it was not too time consuming to travel up there and back, we would go there more often. But at the moment, we are just preparing the area for when a set of missionaries get sent up there.
Saturday is transfer calls. I wonder what will happen to me. So far Trois Rivières has been my longest area. I was there for two transfers. I know that wherever I get sent, it is because God needs me there.

Monday, July 8, 2013

C'est la vie

Last week we were in Quebec to meet the new mission president and his family. He has 8 children. 5 of them are living with him now. They are really nice.
As we taught our investigators last week, some of them revealed to us that they are starting to get testimonies of the Book of Mormon. The wife of a couple we are teaching said that when she and her husband prayed about the Book of Mormon, it was like a light filled their body. They said that after that strong spiritual witness, they know the book of Mormon is true. They are now working towards the end of next month to get baptized.
Also, one of our investigators has quit smoking now for 14 days. He is really happy as he works towards July 27th to be baptized.
Missionary work in Trois Rivières is great!

Sister's p-day

Friday, June 28, 2013

my 6 month mark

Hello family,

I had missionary leadership meeting. The Montreal traffic was the worst. It was nice seeing the Cannons before they leave. I know I will see them again in the near future. The new mission President, President Patrick, will arrive at the end of this week. If you was watching the missionary broadcast, he had a clip on it, so we got a small peak of him.

Last week, I hit my 6 month mark. I feel like I have been a missionary forever, and I love it. I feel like missionary work is all I know. Since being out in the missionary field, I have grown so much. I look back on my old self before my mission, and I do not even recognize her anymore. I cannot imagine the person I will become in a year from now.
My spirituality has grown, and I am a more bold, confident and fearless missionary. I have no fear or shame knocking on someone's car window or stopping someone while they are riding their bike to bear my testimony to them. yep... I am that missionary. I have trained my greenie to be like that too. We love it. With confidence and faith in God and Jesus Christ, God never fails to put people in our path who are ready for the gospel, no matter what the circumstances are, because he knows we will talk to them. 
My, 17 investigators with a baptismal date, is spreading like wildfire in the mission. I have no idea how people found out. The next step now is to help them progress towards baptism. At the moment we have 41 investigators to teach and look after. it is hard to make sure we are giving them all enough attention. It is awesome! Most of those investigators were found by street contacts. 
The best thing about missionary work is seeing the seeds you have planted in people sprout, take root and begin to grow. Last week one of our investigators told us that they know that the Book of Mormon is true and that our church is true. It warmed my heart as she bore her testimony to us. Her baptismal date is for August 10th. 
I really love being a missionary. When I eventually finish my mission, I know I am going to be that RM who always goes out with the missionaries and who will give them referrals. While I was watching the broadcast I was enlightened by the talks given by the General authorities. Missionary work really does begin with the members. it starts off with small acts of kindness. even a smile. it does not take much to plant a seed in someone's heart. 

I wish you all the best. hope all is well.
Love, Sister May

Friday, June 14, 2013

Really...14 with a baptismal date?!?! (June 10th 2013)

The work is moving along in Trois-Rivières. We now have 14 investigators with a baptismal date. Most of them are in July, besides two.
Last week I did a training at zone study called, our strength is made perfect through weaknesses. I think it is one of the best trainings I have done as a missionary. The spirit was really there.
Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with an African man at the corner of the street. He started to go on and on about how black people are not allowed to join our church. I then gave him a confused look. I then told him, do you not see me right now? He tried to justify his statement, but he felt silly. He then quickly started to change the subject about what colour Jesus is. He then went on a long tangent on how he was black. We then told him that it does not matter what colour Jesus was, the only thing that matters is what he has done for us.
Transfer calls were last week. I am staying in Trois-Rivieres. By the end of the transfer, this will be the longest area I have served in. I served in Quebec city West for 5 weeks, Quebec city Ste-Foy for 10 weeks, and by the end of this transfer I will be in Trois Rivières for 12 weeks.

B for Bold (June 3rd 2013)

This week has been a super crazy intense week. First of all, we now have 11 investigators with a baptism date. All of which are in July. We have a lot of work to do as we help them progress towards baptism. This week we found 11 new investigators that are willing to listen to our message. We baptism committed 3 of them with a date on the first lesson, they accepted.  
This week was funny. We have this less active that we have been trying to visit for the past month. Only her address is on the ward list, so we try to pass by when we are in her area. Whenever we get near her door, she runs away and hides. It is the funniest thing. who would hide from the missionaries. One day we caught her in the act. She was sitting on her couch watching TV. When she saw us she ran away in the distance. We caught her a few times as she peeked to see if we were still there.
I was in Montreal Thursday night till Friday afternoon. I slept at the Lasalle Sisters apartment. I told them,''I did mini missions in this apartment.'' It was strange being so close to home, but yet so far.
We shall see what happens during the next few weeks. Both Sister Stiles and I are going to continue being bold and committing everyone with a baptismal date.
Saturday is transfer calls. We shall see what happens.

The evidence of the earring! (May 27th 2013)

Last Saturday, we went knocking to find some new people to teach. We knocked on a door and a Quebecoise opened up. She was on the phone. It was super awkward because we were not sure whether we should speak or not. We decided to wait until she was finished. While she was on the phone, she told the person on the phone our names, which she read on the tag. Once she was finished on the phone, she invited us in. She then explained to us that she had been taught by missionaries in the past. Then she gave us each one of her earrings as a gift which she took straight from her ears. Then she started to tell us that her dad shot himself and that she is sad. She then started to cry. We asked her if there was anything we could do for her. She said no. 

All of a sudden there was a knock at the door. She opened the door and it was two huge men. It was the police! I was so confused. I then looked over and the woman was clinging onto her daughter for dear life and she looked petrified. My first thought was that her dads dead body was in the house. Then i thought, 'this looks really bad...we are in her house and we have her earring in our hands... she set us up!  The police asked us who sent us. We had confused looks on our faces. They then started to take our names down. I was so scared! I then started to think about the one phone call I would get if I was arrested. How humiliating would it be if I had to call up President Cannon to bail me out of prison. They then started to talk over the walky-talky to the police station. While they were doing that, I looked over to my companion and she was in a trance. I told her that the woman is crazy.   
 One of the police officers started to interrogate us. He asked us all these questions. Once they realized that we were young harmless missionaries here to talk to people about God and Jesus Christ, he let us go. We both kept the earring as a memento for the crazy experience we had. It was not a dream, we remind ourselves.
Also, we now have three investigators with a baptismal date. One at the end of June and two at the end of July.

Miracles coming our way (May 20th 2013)

This week was a crazy week for me because I went up to Quebec to train the sister teams there. It felt good being in my old area and working with my old investigators. They were happy to see me. Then I had to go to Mascouche to have a special training on my responsibilities as a new Sisters Training Leader.
So many miracles happened for us. Where do I begin. On Saturday,we had an appointment with a student we street contacted the week before. When we knocked on his door his roommate answered. He told us his friend was still sleeping. Instead we just spoke to him at the door. We spoke about the Book of Mormon. He agreed to read and pray to find out if the book is true. The spirit was really there so I invited him to be baptized. He said no, then started to explain why. He said that that morning he woke up suddenly. He then said a prayer to God asking him to guide him in a way that he can become close to him again because when he moved to Canada from Africa, he distanced himself from God. At that point in his life he was going through a lot of trials. He then said that 2 minutes later we knock at his door. As he was explaining the story to us, he was in tears. He said that we were an answer to his prayers. He said that he would have said yes, but he does not want to jump into things. He has so much potential.
Another Miracles is that we decided to pass by a former investigator. As we were walking towards his home, we street contacted a woman. She gave us the address to her home and told us to go speak to her husband. As we were walking towards her home to see if the husband was interested, we realized that he had the same name as the former investigator, but the apartment number was different to the one we had. we knocked on his door and it was him. We taught him and his wife the next day and they seem eager to learn. If we did not street contact that woman, we would have never found his real address. 

Just another week in the mission field (May 13th 2013)

Things are going swell in Trois Rivière. On Sunday the members were swarming us. It seemed like wherever we would go, a crowd would follow. I guess they are just happy to finally have sister missionaries in their ward. It has been 13 years since they had sisters. 
This coming week is going to be a long one for me because I have to train all the sister teams in the Quebec Zone. There are 3 teams that I have to train. 

Week one in Trois Rivieres (May 6th 2013)

I said goodbye to Ste Foy and Hello to Trois Rivières. The ward is super happy to have two teams of sister missionaries. The relief society are especially happy.
This week as been a crazy week for me and my new companion Sister Stiles. The elders that were in the area before left us with 6 investigators, so we divided them between both teams. Within the last 4 days, Sister Stiles and I found 6 people that are ready to hear the gospel. We are surely turning the area around by working it to its fullest potential. We literally spoke to everyone. no joke! No one passed us without us talking to them. God is putting people in our path who are ready. He is blessing us soooooo much!
This week we meet some amazing people. I street contacted this Quebecoise. We spoke to her a bit and she really wants God to answer her prayers. We taught her on Sunday and the spirit was really there. It was a powerful lesson.
The people in Trois Rivières are ready. We just need to have faith that God will put them in our path.
On Sunday I had a scary experience. After one of our appointments there was a drunk Quebecois man walking towards us. My companion saw him before I did and started to hide. I then saw this man stumbling over and grabbing onto trees. Before I could hide our eyes met. He then started to approach me. He asked me, in french of course, "i am looking for a beautiful woman to marry." I hesitated for a second and then pointed into the distance. I then said, "look...I see one wayyyyy in the distance over there". There was not one there I just wanted him to move away from me. He then started to approach me again closer and asked his same question with a drunken smile on his face. I then responded, "Quick...she is leaving, you better hurry up." As all this was happening, my companion was praying for me. He was not leaving so I said "bye, have a nice day." He then started to stumble off in the distance and went away. I was so freaked out. How dare he!

Monday, April 29, 2013

The transfer call of all transfer calls

I received my transfer calls on Saturday. A lot is happening to me. I am leaving Ste Foy to flush into an area in Trois Rivière (meaning that I am replacing two other missionaries, in this case Elders) with another team of sisters. Two sister teams in one ward with no elders. I am training a sister straight from the MTC. And I am the new Sisters training leader in Quebec (meaning that I am responsible for training the sisters in the Quebec zone. the previous name was coordinating sister, but they changed it to Sisters training leader). I am sad to leave Ste Foy, but I know God has other plans for me.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Month 4 in the mission

I called H'hmi's husband and he said she can get baptized. Then the next day he changed his mind, sad day. H'hmi is super discouraged. I am not giving up on this family. I am not a quitter. 

Sister Zuniga and I went on splits with Quebec ward sisters. Sister Berry was with us. She is 19 years old. It was fun. She has only been out for 1 month. We took her to teach Vasco. She was surprised of how intense he was. 

Something really embarrassing happened to me while we went knocking. We knocked on a man's door. He was not interested, but he kept going on and on forever talking about how God is light. We were at the door forever. As I was listening to him, something strange began to happen. Everything started to turn yellow, then black. I felt myself beginning to fall. Luckily I caught myself before I fainted on the floor. Sister Zuniga looked at me with confusion and concern. I cannot believe I fainted at the door. Sister Zuniga said it happened because I locked my knees. 

Do you remember the story I told you about the woman who gave us those horrible crackers. Well...Sister Berry told me that the woman gave them a cake mix to bake a cake for the next visit. t=They looked at the box and saw that the it was expired. It expired in 1998. When she told me that I nearly gagged because I immediately thought of those rancid crackers.  

This Saturday is transfer calls. I wonder what Heavenly Father has in store for me. I hope I stay in Ste Foy. All I want to see is the fruits of my labours.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Desolée pour mon anglais

Last week i finished my 12 week training program

This week has been a crazy week. Heavenly Father is blessing us too much. He keeps leading us to people who want to learn more about the gospel. It is good and all, but now we have to figure out how to take care of 24 investigators. That is not including all the less actives we are working with. 2 of those individuals have a baptismal date. One is on the April 27th. I am going to call her husband this week to get his consent. He lives in North Carolina. He is super Anti-Mormon, but she has a testimony of the church. All her kids are already baptized, one is even serving a mission in Edmonton, Canada. We pray everyday for this family, and fast. It is now in God`s hands.
Me making phone calls

My french is now fluent. It is so fluent that I have trouble teaching in English. Whenever I teach my English speaking investigators, I think in french. Because of this, my English does not come out as nice as I hope. I even throw in the occasional french word. It was bad, but luckily my investigators are patient and understanding. 

It is getting warm enough to take out our bikes

My district- Sisters are dominating =)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The gospel changes lives

The work is moving along speedily in Ste Foy. Both me and my companion are working extremely hard. Heavenly Father continues to bless us as He guides us to those He has prepared to hear the message of the restored Gospel. We are teaching a lot of people. Some of which are progressing towards baptism. 

Something that I am beginning to notice more often as a missionary is how much the Gospel changes lives. I remember knocking into a man a month and a half ago. He was not nice to us at the door. He started to shout at us as he spoke about all the evil things people have done in the world in the name of God. We spoke to him and his heart began to be softened. By the end of the contact, his eyes began to water. He asked us to come back, and we did. The next few times we went to see him, his face brightened up with a smile. He no longer had dark energy around him. He is eager to learn as the spirit of Christ illuminates in his countenance. This man progresses each week towards baptism. The gospel really does changes lives. 

I am famous. I was on a clip between conferences

Check out the link

Monday, April 1, 2013

Just another week in the field

Both Sister Zuniga and I had an amazing week. We were lead to find 7 people who want to learn more about our gospel. Heavenly Father blesses us every single day. At the moment, we have 2 investigators with a baptismal day, April 26th and May 11th. We hope to keep committing people to be baptized in these coming two weeks.

On Easter Sunday  after the Stake President found out we were spending Easter alone, he set up a surprise Easter lunch for us at a members home then we went to his home for dinner. I have never been so full in my life. My stomach was about to explode, too much food. Then today we went to the Sugar Shack, so much food.

It is hard to believe i have only been out in the mission field for 10 weeks. It feels like so much time has passed since i left home. I cannot believe i have my whole mission still ahead of me. I cannot wait to find out what Heavenly Father has in store for me in the upcoming months.